Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Recipe Tonight

Over the past few years I've had an underline goal in my life. Try to cook one new recipe every week. Today, I will pursue this goal. On the menu tonight? Balsamic-Marinated Flank Steak accompanied with a Green Bean and Grape Tomato Salad with Kalamata Vinaigrette. This meal is dedicated to my lovely sister, JoDee. She has a delicious dinner very similar to this one. Alas, I have lost both recipes and when attempts to contact her were unsuccessful, I had to resort to the world wide web of information. Cheers to you JoDee, bon appetit!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Mushroom Ragu: March 18th 2010

Going to the grocery store is like a personal treasure hunt. I fill my basket with different items sometimes knowing (and sometimes not) what delicious meal will be produced that evening. Does anyone else sneak a peek into what I'm carting along? Do they know what will be on my plate for dinner tonight? I like to think they do. And the when they do their once-over, perhaps they can't help but do a double-take. Yes, this basket is filled with potentially delicious, intoxicating goods that will fill my house with an aroma that Auggie can't even resist. What you see above would be treasures from March 18th. The key to this meal? Look below!
1. dry marsala wine (not sweet!)
2. no button mushrooms, select a variety (I use portabello, porcini, shitake, and cremini)
3. dried porcini mushrooms that are rehydrated for thirty minutes in warm water (save this broth!)
4. Use about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of the porcini broth with the chicken broth (not in recipe)
5. salt the onions and garlic liberally
6. The recipe may give you "times" such as 8 minutes for this, 8 minutes for that...each stove is different. Allow the liquids to evaporate before you move to the next step.
Serve with some garlic basil bread, open a glass of Chianti and enjoy your accomplishment.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mushroom Madness

Thanks to Giada de Laurentis (Easy Italian), mushroom ragu has become a staple in our house. Now, to you weary hearts who cringe at the thought of mushrooms, I'm begging you to reconsider. Let your tastebuds enjoy natures fungi to all of its potential. Now, mushroom ragu also triggers a memory. Three and a half months ago was when I last made mushroom ragu (Mario Batali's). It was on this winter's night when Randy and I found out that the mushroom ragu was for three not two. So I beg you, dear reader, even if it's not mushroom ragu (we prefer Giada's over Mario's, fyi) perhaps you should attempt to consume something new. Or if it's not food you seek to be adventurous with maybe it's something in life? For that, I suggest purchasing a plane ticket to Roma.

Monday, March 15, 2010

The White House

You are looking at our first home. For about six months we have lived, remodeled and enjoyed this place. However, since our time here has been confined to fall and winter, yard work hasn't been a priority. Yesterday afternoon, once the wonderful Spencer's said their goodbyes and headed back up to Tulsa, we decided to take advantage of the Spring weather. With work gloves on, Randy and I tackled the front yard. Was perfection achieved? Of course not. But, the yard under our live oak was manicured (with love). After the sun had set, Randy was still working. I retired a little before. What a way to end a lovely Sunday- outside, together.

Yard Work

Randy making the finishing touches on our walkway.

Rebecca and the rake.

Seven of the ten bags full of leaves.