Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dinner Party for Eight

About seven years ago I was asked one of the most cliche questions and I didn't have an answer.  "If you were to have a dinner party, and you can select three people from any era, who would you invite and why?"  My response? lame that I won't even repeat it.  Why, why, why did I not have an answer for this question?  Not having an answer has bothered me because I felt as if for some reason or another not having an answer meant I had not established my instrests or who I was as a person.  For seven years I have thought about this imaginary dinner party, invited and uninvited many a person.  It has only been recently that I have confidently set a table for eight.  Will this list change?  Of course.  I like to think of this list as ever changing, just like me.

Caesar Augustus
first (and favorite) emperor of Rome
Amanda Hesser
New York Times food editor, author of great cookbooks, founder of
Marie Antoinette
Queen of France, wife of Louis XVI, lost her head, had great fashion taste, gets a bad rap
Sculptor, artist, architect, genius of the Renaissance
Mario Batali
chef, love his food, also had brain surgery
St. Paul
 messenger of Christ, Roman, changed the world
Alexander the Great
 ancient warrior who changed the world
Tina Fey
makes me laugh, favorite funny person