Friday, July 1, 2011

One Bright Star

The world will be a brighter place in about four weeks when William Spencer makes his debut.  In June we celebrated his pending arrival with an intimate luncheon in Edmond.  The mama to be was glowing with excitement and pride.  What a wonderful moment in life!
This little one is already special to me because of his mama, Abi Spencer.  Abi is one of the brightest stars in my life.  She knows how to be a friend.  She loves, she cares, she encourages and she prays.  
Abi and I met freshman year in college.  We joined the same sorority and had a chance class together...Into to Jazz Dance...and let me tell you we both rocked that course.  Practicing our newly learned (but obviously mastered) dance skills in the Great Room at the Gamma Phi house has to be one of my favorite memories.  But that was just the beginning of our friendship.  We've been roommates, European travel buddies, bridesmaids...the list goes on.  Abi has also been a prayer warrior for me.  Through the ups and downs of medical issues, Abi has fought battles for me through prayer and my gratefulness abounds. 
God enriched my life when he gave me my friend Abi.
So it was a joy to shower my friend as she ends her pregnancy journey to begin her mama journey.  What a lucky little man Liam will be because he will have a mom (and dad) who will raise him in the love and light of the Lord.  
Abi and her beautiful mother, Cheryl

A few of the party goers

Our little luncheon table

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  1. Tears my friend! Should NOT have read this at work. I love you so.