Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Ramblings

Since Randy opted for sleep over the Royal Wedding at 3 am, I had no one to whom I could share my pre-wedding and wedding thoughts except Auggie.  Therefore the only obvious solution is to tell you, dear reader, all of my thoughts as they occur.
-Hats!  I love all the hats!
-The young British aristocracy are quite good looking.
-What's the deal with all the lady skirt suites?  Just.Wear.A.Dress.
-Why would you wear your hair in a giant clippy if you're attending the royal wedding?
-I love the mystery designer who showed up to the Goring hotel under disguise..a giant Eskimo fur lined hooded parka.
-Hello, David Beckham. 
-I would be so mad if I was a wedding attendee and my view was blocked by a towering hat.
-I am now ready to visit London.
-Red gloves? Bad. Decision.
-Wills and Kate invited some of their exes because "the aristocrats are quite an incestuous bunch" - the Today Show.
-I need my baby to go back to sleep, there is still one hour left until the wedding.  Sleep, little one, sleep.
-Apparently Guy Richie and Wills are friends.  
-I would be devastated (mortified?) if I had to go to the royal wedding with a cast on my foot.
-Why did the Prime Minister's wife opt for no hat?  Makes her seem a little under-dressed and perhaps even like a wet blanket.
-Apparently, Henry VIII chose his brother as his best man, like William has done with Harry.  Thank you today show for that piece of history.  However, my question is, which Henry VIII wedding?
-The Prince is leaving Clarence House and he's in full uniform!
-Church bells are so lovely.
-The Brits will never get rid of the monarchy, they love it too much.
-Awww, Wills and Harry look like they're such good friends.
-I bet William is jealous of Harry's full head of hair.
-Nice VW buses.
-The Queen is 85 and Philip is 90?!
-If you are the mother of the bride, why do you carry a purse? Wouldn't it just get in the way?
-I don't know which one it is, Princess Beatrice or Eugenie, but the the one wearing the pink head-piece should have reconsidered.
-I love the Queen.
-I see lace.  Lace, lace, lace!
-It's so classy, elegant and stunning.  It reminds me of Grace Kelly's dress.
-Why didn't I think of having a choir sing at my wedding?
-How fun would it be to have crowds cheering after you say your wedding vows.
-The archbishop has some crazy eyebrows.  Kinda makes me squirm.
-All these hymns are making me sleepy.
-pause for coffee-
-It's funny that 1) the national anthem is sung at the wedding 2) the Queen does not sing along
-Kate and I could be friends.
-There is a horse on the loose!
-Awww, two kisses instead of one.  They must be in love


  1. I JUST love this post. I may just have to reference it myself in my recap post. I am totally with you on all of your thoughts!

  2. i love love love all your thoughts!!!

  3. Nice to see these royal ramblings. I have to agree with the cast comment. Poor lady... at least they let her in. What did you think of the trees? I loved them-- fresh, dramatic and yet simple. Someone said that they plan to plant them after the cermony. That would be romantic to see the trees develop throughout the lifetime of your marriage.

  4. Thanks friends! I love weddings and now am ready for Harry's!
    JoDee, I didn't know they were planting the trees. This is soooo romantic!