Little Lady Katherine

About a month before Katherine was born I saw a pair of jeans for which she was destined.  I remember daydreaming at the store what she would look like in them and what her little diaper bottom would look like in them.  I knew I would have more fun with them than her, but that's what's so fun about baby girl clothes!  These jeans do not disappoint.

Dollhouse time!

Fun with Dolly!

Kisses for Dolly!

Tea time!

Time to read!
Katherine's Photo Shoot
Recently, Katherine had a photo shoot with the talented JoDee Molina of Clementine Road (  Squealing, laughing and dancing...Katherine was in her element and we loved it.

Window Watching Friends
Since Katherine is crawling I've been enlightened daily to what she has been processing, watching and waiting to do for the past 10 months.  What appears to be on top of her to do list?  Sit with Auggie at his window.  Katherine has watched her furry brother sit at his window and watch the day go by for months and now it's time to join him...

"What do you see out the window, furry brother?"

"Really?  A squirrel?" 
"Here's the plan. You watch the left part of the yard and I'll watch the right.  This is fun."
Summer Time
Katherine recently got to spend some quality time with her Ole' Papa and she had fun.  Here's a look at what her and Ole' Papa got to do.
She got to try out her new baby pool in the living room.

Hangin' out in the backyard with Ole' Papa and Auggie
Going for a walk with Ole'Papa
Chattin' away with Ole' Papa

Still talking, but this time on the porch in her big girl chair.

Continuing to talk while in her bathing suite.

Watching the fan twirl.

Hey! Where you going, baby?
Nine and a half months into life Katherine still chooses not to do much crawling.  Rolling, yes.  Crawling, no.  Everyday I silently observe her roll around the floor and am highly entertained.  Here is one of her recent rolling adventures.

On your mark, get set...go! 

Rolled from the ottoman to the it's time to play

I see you mama...I know you're watching me!

Cool., the fan!

Itty, bitty thang.

Back to watching the fan.

Maybe my feet can touch the fan?

And back to the belly.  Phew!

Blanket of Fun
Last week was one of recovery for the White House baby.  While it took awhile for the virus to leave the Little Lady, she preoccupied her mind and time with toys, on what I call "The Blanket of Fun." 

Easter Weekend in OKC

Having fun at Miller Grill with cousin Anne-Charlotte

Ummm...where's my bottle?

Easter morning

The White Family minus Auggie

The little Lady with O'Mama and Ole Papa

At CRBC for the Easter service

A New Hat
Katherine got a new green hat during a recent Madee and Grandad visit.  I have to admit, green might just be her new favorite color!

Fashion Show! Fashion Show! Fashion Show!
Katherine gets very excited when putting on her outfits for the day.  She chirps and squeals as if to tell me that she agrees with what is happening.  I, of course, love this.  The crowning moment has to be when I take her to a mirror and add the finishing touch to the outfit...the bow.  She gives me the biggest smile and scream.  I think every girl has had that moment. 

Nice Weather, Perfect Stroll
The beautiful weather has prompted Katherine and I to go on several walks.  Last week we got to hang out with Aunt Mindy and cousins Elle and Anne Charlotte.  What a fun morning!

Funny Faces
This is a series of pictures taken when Katherine and I were at the Dallas Arboretum.  It captures her observing and making her newly discovered "puckered" face.

A Typical Evening with Daddy...
eat dinner...

play with Auggie...

and cuddle...

Six Months and Still Growing