Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Shoe Fits!

I haven't bought a pair of black heels since 2005.  What you ask?  Let me rephrase that statement.  I haven't bought a pair of black heels, that weren't for work, since 2005.  Yes, yes I remember it fondly.  A pair of black stilettos.  A graduation present for me, from me.  They cost far more than I ever intended on spending, but they called my name and all I could say was "hello, you are mine."  It was magic and I will never forget the moment I said yes to the stilettos. 
I wore these special shoes recently to a "gala" and when I put them on I felt like I was wearing a pair of senior citizens.  Still in good condition with several more years left to live, but just not the talk of the town any more. 
Last year around this time Randy informed me of an online shoe clearance.  The shoes were more than 50% off and for some reason, I did not choose to shoe shop.  Why not you ask?  I do not know. This is very strange, because if you know me, you know that at any opportunity I can buy "something" I probably will.  (yes, character flaw, I know...I'm working on it) I regretted my decision the moment I saw packages being delivered for Randy. 
Oh, glorious shoes.  All shiny and smelling like "new." 
This past week the yearly clear-out happened again.  You better believe I hoped on this opportunity.  Shoes, shoes, shoes.  What color?  What style?  I felt like my possibilities were endless.  Alas, when narrowing the search down to my 6 1/2 size foot I was limit.  Ugh.  However, I still managed to find two perfectly fun shoes that more than likely I will wear occasionally.  Oh well, a girl needs a pair or two (or three or four or five?) of fun shoes in her closet to brighten every opening of its door.
When will the little black sparkly (I know, the shoe sparkles!) shoe make its debut?  Next Saturday.  I cannot wait. 
Not over the top and special, but these shoes sparkle and that makes me happy.

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