Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Monica Closet

I pride myself on home organization, sometimes even to a fault.  However, there are three areas of my home that off-set some of this hyper-organization: the kitchen desk drawer, the guest bedroom closet, the top right dresser drawer. These are my Monica Closets (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=monica%20closet).
Today was chosen to be the first ever Kitchen Desk Drawer Clean-Out Day.  What prompted me to do this?  Since Katherine recently turned one (that's another post in itself) my kitchen needed  to be rearranged.  Goodbye bottles!  In my excited state to get rid of all things bottle I also targeted all unnecessary items in the desk drawer.
This drawer has been haunting me since the day we moved into the White House two years ago.  It has become a black hole for all things miscellaneous.  I realized this even more as I was cleaning it out today.  What did I find? 
35 pictures of Katherine
6 pairs of scissors
24 manuals
2 cigars
1 phone
11 keys
3 rubber bands
1 sticky wine opener (gak!)
25 cents
39 receipts
2 greeting cards
1 piece of granite
3 safety pins
1 tape measure
4 packages of post it notes
Fellow junk drawer friends let this be an encouragement to you!  Your junk drawer (closet, bedroom, cabinet) can also no longer exist.  Take back the space and claim it as your own!



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