Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Ramblings

Since Randy opted for sleep over the Royal Wedding at 3 am, I had no one to whom I could share my pre-wedding and wedding thoughts except Auggie.  Therefore the only obvious solution is to tell you, dear reader, all of my thoughts as they occur.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Hanger Beast

Once a month my closet explodes.  I haven't quite figured out why I just don't consistently hang up my clothes.  It never fails that once my scattered apparel is placed back on its hanger I get an accomplished and refreshed feeling. 
Recently, I was cleaning my closet when I realized it was time for a closet clean out.  One by one I rid my closet of tops, bottoms, scarfs and shoes.  As my pile of exiled clothes grew so did the number of empty hangers.
Hangers.  Ugh. 
If there is one thing that I hate battling are hangers.  A hanger is fine, but once it becomes hangers it is no longer fine.  As a group, these inanimate objects seem to take on their own life entangling themselves almost to the point where the multiple objects become a singular beast.  What drives me crazy is that when I try to grab one hanger out of a pile it seems to repeatedly hook itself upon on hanger after another.  It makes me want to scream.
So, while I was cleaning out my closet, I was just waiting...impatiently, anxiously awaiting the impending battle.  As always, the struggle with the Hanger Beast occurred and like always I think to myself , "yes, here it is, the cursed animosity of inanimate objects."    

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Secret Garden

When I was a little girl I loved the idea of The Secret Garden.  The movie was mesmerizing and it prompted me to read the book and acquire other stories about a hidden garden among overgrown plants.  I would plant flowers in my backyard and hope for hidden castles at every overgrown spot.  Both ventures were unsuccessful. Little did I know that one day, as an adult, I would find my very own secret garden in my grown-up backyard. 
About this time last year I noticed color erupting from my backyard.  I realized that the previous owner, Mary, was quite the green thumb.  Randy and I however do not have innate skill to nurture plants.  Over the course of the Dallas summer I watched our backyard turn more brown every week.   I was convinced that the roses, peonies, honeysuckle would not survive little watering, excessive heat and no pruning.
Come spring, what do my eyes behold peaking up underneath the piles of dead leaves...color...glorious color!  We didn't kill all our flowers after all.  My childhood dream of discovering a secret garden has once again come true.  My childhood imagination has been reignited, just in time to play with Katherine.

My beloved childhood books that that had something to do with a garden, castle or magic.

The Secret Garden


The Enchanted Castle

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The four hour what?

About three weeks ago Randy handed me a challenge...a food challenge. 
"I want to try the 4 Hour Body and I want you to do it with me.  You know we'll have to change our diet."
The last thing I want to do is change my way of cooking and eating.  I succumbed to the Atkins craze while I was in college.  The headaches and endless denial of delicious breads, fruits and milk did not outweigh the weight loss I experienced.  Ever since that moment I vowed to myself I would live like the Greeks...enjoy life but never in excess (thank you Dr. Fears). 
After sulking the entire afternoon I agreed to go along.  Now, to get the details you'll have to dive into the book (something I haven't done), but what I have gleaned from Randy's reading is the following:
1)  eat lots of a lot, to the point that you don't want to see the sight of it  
2)  no milk, sugar, breads, grains, yogurt, fruit
3)  meat, eggs, beans and veggie are king
4)  dry red wine and coffee are encouraged (hooray!)
5)  breakfast is a must
6)  lift a kettle bell a couple of times a week
I took it upon myself to make this new way of eating tasty and delicious.  This diet could easily lead to chicken, spinach and beans with every meal.  Gak.  I simply refuse.  So I set out to find what would work.  After the discovery of many a delicious meal I found out that this way of life would not be too difficult after all.  Plus, a two week trial was my commitment to Randy.
The two weeks ended last week and I didn't really lose weight but I gained some insight.  Breakfast is a must and I like beans and lentils.  Most importantly I was reminded that every once and awhile it's good to reevaluate how you eat and how you are taking care of yourself.  This was a good examination and I was able to tweak our diet for the better.
I have decided going into the fourth week that I will partially partake of this new eating regime. Randy on the other hand has had great success shedding weight (what man doesn't?) and has continued along his 4 Hour path.  I am proud of him for his perseverance.  I'll join Randy for the breakfast and evening sessions but everything in between is to our own choosing. 
Nothing in excess, right?   

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Tulsa Trail

Randy and I recently went on a weekend get-a-way that might have altered our way of traveling from this point forward.  It was a trip to spend some quality time with each other, but also to see our dear friends Abi and Zion Spencer.  We took it slow, drove on the back roads and tried to sample what each city had to offer.  The originality of this form of travel does not rest in our hands.  Our trip was inspired by my beloved Aunt Linda and Uncle Curt, who made hundreds of memories just by going down the not so traveled road.  Their stories of new places and hidden gems have been inspirational for Randy and me.  Here's a glance at our trail to Tulsa.  Hope you get inspired too.

Stop #1- Denison, Texas
The Inn of Many Faces
Birthplace of President Eisenhower
Devolii's Italian Restaurant
Our stop in Denison was an over night stay where we had a nice drive around the city, took in some historical sights and had a romantic evening at the quaint Devolii's restaurant.  The real gem of this city was the bed and breakfast, The Inn of Many Faces.  It was a beautiful 114 year old home that Jesse James occasionally visited during his day.  The room was nice, the breakfast delicious and the owners very welcoming. 

The Inn of Many Faces

Birthplace of President Eisenhower
Stop #2- Durant, Oklahoma
Five minutes and $20 at the slot machines told me I needed to place my money elsewhere.  Hello spa.  I opted for relaxation while Randy chose gamblin' games. 

Stop #3 Tulsa, Oklahoma
The Spencer Home
Tulsa.  What can I say?  It is a city that contains my dearest friend therefore it is one of my favorite cities.  Abi and Zion were the perfect host and hostess.  We spent the weekend eating, shopping, relaxing, talking and laughing.  We had the best time.  I even gained three pounds that week, and was okay with it.  The food was that good.  Thanks Zabi for your love and friendship.  We treasure it.

Dinner at Dalesandro's

Another Dalesandro's pic

A lovely morning brunch at Wild Fork.