Sunday, August 28, 2011

Katherine Livia

Katherine is one year old. 
What a wonderful year of firsts.  Smiles, laughs, teeth...the list is endless. 
The joy and love I have felt as a parent really cannot be described with words.  It's a feeling, deep inside my inner being, that lightens up every time I think about her, smell her or even hear her.   Katherine, just her existence, has made our lives more complete.  Her chubby legs, sweet dimple and gurgling words have been an added bonus. 
Last weekend we celebrated this little lady and her beautiful boisterous spirit.  Before the party, my sister expressed to me that the first birthday is special because not only is it a celebration for the baby but also it is a celebration and a right of passage for the mother.  I agree with her. 
The first birthday is a day to look back upon the multitude of events that had just occurred and then..breath.  On her birthday it seemed as if the past twenty-one months of carrying a child, delivering a child, nourishing a child rushed through my mind, body and soul.  What a beautiful overwhelming emotional ride.  I will hold on to it all my life.
Katherine is one year old.  I have no tears and sadness, only treasured, lovely memories of the first year of our little lady, Katherine. 

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