Wednesday, July 13, 2011

12 Hour Road Trip = Bliss

Over the course of my 29 years I have gone on several vacations.  I will categorize them two ways : busy or relaxing.  About a month ago Randy and I took a relaxing vacation, just the two of us.  Bliss.

Hello, vacation.

Yes. I will stay here forever.

Sand dollar and sea urchine

Cooling off during our jet-ski adventure in the bay.

St. Louis Cathedral

Cafe du Monde...need I say more?

An overnight stay in New Orleans

Visiting the U.S.S Alabama in Mobile en route to Panama City.

Captain Randy

It's not a vacation until I snap a picture of Randy eating an ice cream cone.

In the bay

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  1. Looooove! You know - our ten year wedding anniversaries will be only two months apart. I am pondering a few shared days together at the Amalfi Coast?