Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Martha, Martha

Every once and awhile I get a creative burst.  I owe this to excessive caffeine, an inspiration or both.  Recently I have seen several close friends decorate for fall.  I have never decorated for fall but after seeing small touches of browns and oranges throughout homes I started to think my house was in need of festivity.  It wasn't until I started to browse Martha Stewart's website ,  that I became truly inspired. 
Off to Hobby Lobby Katherine and I went!  I had a vision in mind and I could not wait.  Well, after browsing the store and calculating in my mathfobia brain what it would cost to make a Martha wreath, I opted for a Rebecca wreath. 
As I'm writing I gaze into my living room and look upon my fireplace and homemade fall wreath.  I can't help but feel some pride bubbles in my heart .  Unfortunately, this dose of fall now makes me want to decorate for October.  "Oh brother."

Martha's wreath that I intended to make

The "O brother" eyeroll

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