Saturday, July 17, 2010

Little Surprises

A few weeks ago Randy's closest college friends dropped into Dallas to hang-out. I always enjoy seeing these guys because they have become like family. During a delicious brunch at Breadwinners we began to talk about what I plan to do once Katherine is born. Having "retired" from teaching I have begun to contemplate what lies in front of me (and us). Seeing that cooking is one of my favorite activities (and that I have already begun to record my original recipes) I mentioned that I would like to write a cookbook.
Rob, a fellow kindred spirit and foodie, brings up My Life in France. Now, the title was floating in my mind but I could not place the book itself. With a confused face I ask..."Who wrote it?" Ah yes...Julia Child (with Alex Prud'homme). At that point the conversation moved on to another topic.
And then it happened, a few days later, a little present was sitting in my mailbox. Yes, Rob sent me a copy of Ms. Child's memoirs, My Life in France.
So thank you Rob. Thank you for encouraging a dream and being a great friend.
Bon Appetit!

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  1. Rebbecca,

    You will be successful! Regardless of what venture you begin you have the will power, determination and the God given talent to achieve success. I have faith in your abilities and look forward to the outcome! I love you sweet one. LSL